Pandemic climbing in „Pilastro“


Paul Schrader climbing the upper part of „Pilastro“; photo: Tom Schlager


Bolting „Pilastro“ in the sunny leftern part of Krettenburg; photo: Tom Schlager


Climbing the phantastic „Agatharied“ (6b+) at Krettenburg

In times of the Wuhan virus it is a must to train and climb at the rocks. Many thanks to BEAL for the support in moving outdoor! I spent a few time at the new climbing crag „Krettenburg“ in the Bavarian Alps during the last weeks. Always I tried to avoid to meet any other climbers to stop the Wuhan Virus. Luckily I was able to make the first ascent  of „Pilastro“ 7b+/c, 1st try. Also many  thanks to Tom Schlager, who supported me with his bolting equipment and his tips, and to Paul Schrader for „cleaning“ the crux :).

P(ost) S(criptum): After broken hold at the crux, now the Pilastro is 7c/+ (05.20.)

PS 2: New bolt in the crux after the Ouverture. The climbers take a curve to the left, so the crux is 7b+. Direct (the way I took) it is 7c+. (03.21)


View from the Roßkopf to the North: the crag of Krettenburg is to be seen in the middle of the background

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